Why Axius was created

Why Axius was Created


In the Fall of 2015, Colin (our CEO) received a call from his Dad. He had problems with his computer…again. As a Medical Toxicologist, a working computer is vital to his business. Colin began looking for a local tech support professional, but wasn’t comfortable sending a stranger from Craigslist to his parent’s home, and Geek Squad’s customer reviews were, well, terrible. Frustrated and out options, he headed to Los Angeles that weekend to fix the problem in person.

It didn’t take long to realize there must be millions of other young adults with similar experiences. Manufacturers are rushing to put more and more devices in homes, but no one is thinking about the added complexity for consumers.

The Early Days


We started building Axius in the Bay Area accelerator StartX and saw an accelerating trend of smart devices flooding personal spaces and a growing demand for smart home support.

Home networks are no longer just connecting laptops and smartphones, but also thermostats, security cameras, locks, baby monitors, and even microwaves! All these connected devices are intended to make life easier, but can be riddled with vulnerabilities, inadequate security, and need to be setup and configured.

Homes are becoming more and more like a small business network and need similar levels of security, maintenance, and support.

Most homeowners don’t have the skills or understanding to manage the complexity of their home technology ecosystems.

That’s where Axius comes in!


Axius provides smart home management — think of us like your personal IT Help Desk. By creating a fully inclusive service layer for the home, Axius adds unlimited support, network security and monitoring for homeowners’ IoT devices. We’re not just another device company that will add complexity to your network. We’re the first company to help simplify the entire process of managing your Smart Home.


Each Axius Member receives a dedicated account support representative, a hardware device (we call it the “Hub”) that plugs into your router and monitors your system, monthly reports on connection speed and device usage, and unlimited access to our certified tech experts (US based and available 7 days a week) to provide assistance wherever and whenever it is needed. We also offer tech coaching and recommendations to help you get the most out of your technology and system.

While the Smart Home is here, it’s not about adapting your life to the technology, but adapting the technology to your life. Axius is here to help.



With a mission to help people unlock the ultimate benefit of their smart home, Axius was built by a team with core expertise in customer service and support technology including security specialists, smart home enthusiasts and builder market veterans. Axius brings the builder, property manager and integrator a solution that creates revenue, increases customer satisfaction and acquisition and ultimately grows adoption of smart home, while making the overall experience more enjoyable and beneficial to consumers. Axius is the trusted customer support resource for homeowners and renters, making sure every smart home device, no matter the brand, is safe, secure and functioning.  Learn more at http://axi.us

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