What parental controls are available?

Remember 10 years ago restricting child television usage via Tivo was a clear answer to limiting inappropriate media consumption? Unfortunately – this is no longer. Nowadays, determining if content on the Internet is appropriate is a bit more involved. With technology, the convenience and availability of accessing adult rated content is only making it more widespread. Children are growing immune to the exposure of inappropriate content on the internet and other platforms. In combination – the social sharing nature of the internet causes a safety issue for children as well. So how do you manage so many different streams of content flowing throughout the web to keep your children protected?


Our technology security experts have broken down the key things you need to know for your children to enjoy the internet in an appropriate and secure manner.


The internet is unregulated for the most part…

The internet is a forum that allows almost anyone unrestricted access to post any type of content… on a variety of channels. This open web creates a need for each individual household to set limits and controls for content censorship and accessibility. To do this, parents are faced with the task of complex navigation across different platforms, settings, and digital rules to set how, when, and what is accessible on their network and individual devices.


How can I control what my child can access?

With technology steadily improving we now have effective solutions to help control and track what children can see and the amount of content they consume.

There are a number of ways you can implement parental controls – our technology experts have provided the top options below:





1. Device operating systems

Microsoft and Apple include an effective and easy to use parental controls. All that needs to be done is ensure that you have the latest version of the software updated on the device and go into the settings in order to control further.





2. Web browsers

Most web browsers allow for different ways of filtering out websites you don’t want your kids to visit. This includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and others. In each web browser they have the filters within their control settings for you to customize your child’s experience.





3. Kids’ browsers

These allow you to customize what is set up on the browser and the internet accessibility your child can have. You can pre-populate games, websites, email, or anything that would be child-proof.





4. Third party apps and software

These programs allow parents to control what the child is able to access, when they are able to use devices, and monitor usage on the device. The additional benefit of these programs is that they protect against malware and viruses to ensure a safe home in every respect.





5. Home networking

Wifi control via different software and hardware systems can be effective, but also fairly tedious. However if you want to go this route – it can filter through internet content, limit timing, and pause the internet. All useful functions – if you are familiar with your router.




6. Smartphones and tablets

Most smartphones and tablets have general parental control settings, but in order to get more in control you will need to install apps and also gather your child’s username and passwords on each application.


Let’s not forget about data security

You hear about the data breaches of large corporations but never think it could happen to you, but there are many ways hackers can get ahold of information. According to a journal from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, extensive and unmonitored internet usage can lead children to giveaway personal information like addresses and social security numbers to hackers on the internet. This puts full families at high risk to have their secure data stolen. With this added risk potential – monitoring internet usage is another way to help combat data security risk. You mainly need to ensure that your children aren’t communicating with strangers on the internet without your permission.  


Insert Axius

The Axius smart home experts are available to provide you with ongoing, reliable support to ensure that your parental control solutions will continuously be working to fight off the inappropriate content streaming on the web to keep your children away from X rated content and allow you to sit back, relax, and spend time with your family.




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