Everything to Know About Smart Home Technology

What is Smart Home Technology? We've got the answers!

In today’s technologically advanced world, smart home technology is one of the newest ways to connect your home to the internet and create a living space that is intelligent and smart. Smart home technology can allow you to do things like remotely switch off lights or set the perfect thermostat temperature and innovations are being released all the time. However, due to the number of devices available, it is important to understand some of the fundamental elements of smart home technology.

What Is Smart Home Technology?

Essentially, smart home technology spans a spectrum of devices which promise to transform your house into one which is automated. As a result, these devices can extend into spaces where they complete extremely complicated tasks. Due to this, before wading into the wealth of devices which are marketed for your smart home, you should clearly define and understand what you want to do. For example, smart home technology can allow you to set your air conditioner to a certain temperature while you are at work, open your blinds during daylight, operate your coffee maker, and even feed your pets. In short, you should always clearly understand what you want the devices to do before you go about automating your smart home.

Purchasing Specific Devices

One of the easiest and quickest ways to begin connecting your home is by purchasing devices which will perform specific jobs. Devices like the Belkin WeMo plug into your power outlets, connect to your wifi and then can be controlled for your iOS device. With the WeMo, you can then set timers, activate switches, set predetermined schedules, and even monitor whether they are functioning as you expected. Devices like this are a great line of entry into automating your home as they are simple to use while still performing important tasks.

In a similar vein, smart thermostats are another extremely useful tool in connecting your home. These dedicated units perform one purpose, and they are extremely convenient. Smart thermostats can be controlled from anywhere, many can learn your preferences and act on schedules, and most will activate your AC or heat before you return home from work. Often, smart thermostats are one of the easiest ways to automate your house, and they can help you begin saving money on your utility bill.

Overall, to get the most out of your smart home system, you should always plan and perform the proper amount of research. Before diving headfirst into the sometimes-overwhelming world of internet-connected devices, you should understand the fundamentals aspects of systems as well as which ones would be most beneficial to your lifestyle. In short, always do your research and develop a basic understanding before outfitting your house with any device.

Focus on One Brand

When you first begin purchasing internet-connected devices, you should make sure that all devices are compatible together. For example, if your purchase products released from Amazon, Apple, and Google, they may not connect with each other easily. One easy way is only to buy products from one brand or purchase a system like the Axius  which will connect all of your devices.

The Early Investment Pays Off

At first, while these products may initially appear to be extremely expensive to purchase and place in your house, the system will pay for itself over the course of time. Essentially, you should think of your smart home as an investment; while the first investment may seem high, the recurring returns will slowly begin to pile up. For example, devices like a smart thermostat or lights will enable you to drastically lower your utility bills as you can turn off lights and lower the temperature on a specific schedule. Instead of being scared by the initial prices, you should always focus on the long-term returns.

Potential Security Threats

Although Internet-connected devices will radically transform your home, they can also develop into dangerous security threats. As they contain access to your WiFi Network and data resting there, hackers often become interested in accessing them. Along with assessing the security features of every individual device before purchasing one, you should also purchase a centralized platform which will further boost the overall security presence. The Axius Sense will allow you to proactively fix any issues with your devices as well as securely connect any of them. You should always ensure that your devices are up-to-date in order to protect yourself from any devastating consequences wreaked by hackers.

Similarly, along with assessing the security protocols of your devices, you should also check to understand what privacy features are offered. Because many of these devices are new to markets, you may need to consciously opt into any private features as they are often disabled by default. First off, you should check the settings of your device and research to see if your data is shared with outside sources to avoid sharing potentially sensitive information.

The Importance of a Centralized Platform

Once you begin to connect more and more devices across your house, it is extremely important to have a centralized platform which will allow you to manage these devices much more quickly and easily. The Axius Sense is one such tool which quickly connects to your router before allowing you to securely monitor all of your internet-connected devices. Plus, the Axius Sense is regularly updated unlike most other devices on the market. With the Axius Sense, not only can you have the peace of mind that your devices are securely connected and safely protected from viruses, you also tap into an intuitive interface which will allow you to manage all of your devices seamlessly.

Technology Will Continue to Develop

These devices are extremely new to markets, and they will continue to be improved on, and present more and more features. As a result, with the help from devices like the Axius Sense, you can make sure that your house will be able to integrate any new technology seamlessly. Given the speedy pace at which new technology is being released, it is important to connect your devices from the beginning.

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