Top 5 Smart Devices That You Should Be Installing Today

From smart thermostats to smart refrigerators there are many smart devices that you can be installing in resident’s homes, but which internet connected devices bring the most value to your customers? What device is the most crucial to install first?

Our team of smart home experts gathered feedback from our builders, integrators, and residents to create a list of the top smart devices for you to consider for your properties. We’ve found that successful smart homes continuously deliver immense value through a balance of the right selection, installation, and support to keep them connected and working to ensure the best experience for residents.


Take a look at these types of devices before building your next smart home. (Ranked by priority)


1.Smart Security, Alarm, & Cameras

Smart Security allows residents to have peace of mind. They can watch over their home from any location anytime – making resident happiness skyrocket! Also, unlike traditional security systems, smart security systems are able to be turned off/on remotely. Lowered stress of management and flexibility to let in family members and welcomed guests at a click of a button.

Pro tip: Many home insurance providers offer a discount on their insurance premiums if you have a smart security system. This can be a large benefit and savings for your resident in the long run.



2. Smart thermostats

Being able to adjust the temperature at a home is very beneficial, if residents are prepping to come home after a long, cold day or heading out of town for the weekend, their home is ready for any occasion or temperature.

Although we all know our preferences, allowing systems to “learn” and adapt to our preferences results in cost savings and energy efficiency. A smart thermostat takes any thoughts out of controlling home temperature. Over time the thermostat learns work/home schedules and overall normal routines. The thermostat will automatically adjust cooler/warmer, in order to run more efficiently and save your residents money.

Pro tip: Ensure that residents give the thermostat time to learn. Rapidly changing the temperature to get a quicker result in the beginning will only slow the learning curve of the thermostat.



3. Smart locks and doorbells

Keys are the most common lost belonging. By installing a smart lock you are able to ensure that resident’s homes are easily accessible and safe. Through having the power to lock and unlock doors via a click of a button – there is no longer a need to have physical keys on hand. No more lockouts or forgetful lockups.

Additionally, smart locks allow for heightened security. Residents can keep track of who comes and goes from the home. Paired with a smart doorbell you can easily verify who is at your door and automatically unlock or lock up the door.

Pro tip: Smart locks and doorbells are the key to safety. Your residents will love the advantages and ease of allowing in a dog walker or grocery delivery services remotely.



4. Smart switches and bulbs

Smart lighting enables your residents to control their lights at the palm of their hand. With dimming-capable smart bulbs, you can to extend the lifespan of lamps by 20 times and reduce expenses by 40%. Overall, installing smart lights can potentially decrease energy savings by 90 percent. The agile control allows for residents to directly save on their energy bill each month and increase safety.

Pro tip: Resident’s going away for a vacation? Have them schedule periodic switches of the lights, so they are seemingly home within a flash to potential intruders.



5. Smart plugs and voice control

Make any appliance or product within your resident’s home smart. By using smart plugs and voice control devices, residents can get all of the advantages of having smart devices. Functionally plugs are able to turn on/off washers/dryers, coffee machines, televisions, and etc. The functionality can turn a home that services coffee at the right time, turns dryers off during the night, or television off for children before bedtime.

Imagine not having to lift a finger to control devices in your home? Smart plugs play nicely with the Alexa Echo and Google Home for complete voice activation within your home. Overall, smart plugs and switches are able to make daily needs easy, while also saving on energy. Turn any appliance on/off remotely, set automation rules, timers, and save money on power consumption. Switch on your home.

Pro tip: If you’re not sure what type of voice control your resident would want, install an easy option they can use, replace, or add on to. Choose an affordable and small voice control speaker you can install underneath a kitchen cabinet – hidden away and easily accessible.




With a mission to help people unlock the ultimate benefit of their smart home, Axius was built by a team with core expertise in customer service and support technology including security specialists, smart home enthusiasts and builder market veterans. Axius brings the builder, property manager and integrator a solution that creates revenue, increases customer satisfaction and acquisition and ultimately grows adoption of smart home, while making the overall experience more enjoyable and beneficial to consumers. Axius is the trusted customer support resource for homeowners and renters, making sure every smart home device, no matter the brand, is safe, secure and functioning.  Learn more at

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