Smart Home News – July 2018

Smart Home News

Smart Home technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a field that is growing and expanding almost on a daily basis. Each day there is a new company with a new product that helps us connect our homes, devices, and appliances in ways we never thought of. We like to stay on top of the changes taking place in our industry, and we like to pass them on to you! Here is a quick summary of many of the top smart home news articles and products.

From speculation about the future to products that help you connect with your kids from anywhere, these are the top stories and products we have our eye on! 

Top 6 Articles in Smart Home News

1. Homes calling 911 for you

OnStar added a technology years ago to many popular vehicles to alert authorities in case of an emergency, and Noonlight is bringing this innovation to the home.

For the aging population this is a very interesting alternative to wearable devices like LifeAlert.

Why should someone in the midst of a heart attack or comforting an injured child have to dial 911 when any one of the internet-connected gadgets in their home could do it for them?

Read More at CNN

2. Smart Locks make home deliveries easy

Who hasn’t arrived home to a message that you missed the UPS delivery guy and he’d be back tomorrow. Normally it’s at a time when you still won’t be home.

Worse than that, how many people have arrived home expecting to see a delivery from Amazon or another online retailer missing, oftentimes stolen.

Good news, UPS is testing a program in New York City to use smart locks to create secure areas to leave packages when you’re not available to receive them!

Tired of missing deliveries when you’re not home? UPS wants to make it easier to get packages in New York City.

UPS on Tuesday said it’s started a pilot program with Latch smart access devices to provide in-building deliveries to multi-unit homes in the Big Apple. This collaboration could increase security and convenience for people who aren’t home to receive packages, said UPS.

Read More at Cnet:

3. Talk to your Kids without giving them a phone

If you don’t think your kid needs a phone before they even hit puberty then you’re not alone. The company ToyMail has created talkie toys that can be used to message a phone.

You might have already seen this company… they did win a spot (and quite a bit of popularity) from a recent spot on Shark Tank.

4. Healthcare in a Smart Home?

Don’t like visiting the doctor? Of course, you don’t. What if your home could monitor the unique health needs of each individual living in a home?

This could start with something as simple as motion sensors turning lights on brighter depending on who was in the room, but could advance to the point of disease monitoring and management.

Smart homes are no longer an emerging concept.Consumers are not only warming up to the idea but also buying home automation products.

Smart speakers seem to be the favorite, with sales jumping from a meager 6 million units in 2016 to a whopping 33.2 million units in 2017. The developing ecosystem of home automation products that each of these current smart speakers provides is encouraging the sale of related lighting, energy and home security products.

Read More at PR Newswire Cision:

5. Questions about Digital Assistants

One of the biggest concerns about Smart Home digital assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Echo is the fact they are always listening.

Is this a huge benefit or is this technology unsettling? Are these devices the next step in modern convince or are they an invasion into our homes and privacy?

Heather Woods, Professor at Kansas State University looks at both sides:

The smart device market is exploding. Smart home kits for retrofitting “non-smart” houses have become cheaper. Earlier this year, Apple released the HomePod speaker, the company’s response to dominant smart devices Google Home and Amazon Echo. Amazon, too, is expanding its lineup. Recently, it debuted the Amazon Echo Look, promising to make users more stylish.

Read More at “The Conversation”

6. Mini Smart Security Cameras are here

Ezviz, Inc.  has released Its newest products, the Mini O and Mini Plus HD smart security cameras.  These two cameras are both designed to be affordable but packed with features.

These cameras are also the perfect type of device for a monitoring and management service like Axius. Not only will you have the piece of mind that your home is safe, but you’ll know its working properly and being monitored for you.

If Indoor Security Camera’s are on your list of devices to upgrade your home with, check out the newest offering here:

EZVIZ Inc., the global smart home security brand, is ensuring consumers can head off on holiday this summer confident their homes are secure and protected. Mini O, Mini O Plus and Mini Plus high definition smart home cameras enable homeowners to keep a watch on their properties and receive a motion detection alert if there is any untoward activity with footage they can view on their mobile devices. All three cameras feature IFTTT integration, wide angle video and audio coverage, real time high definition viewing with exceptional night vision and two way audio.

Read More at IrishTechNews

Keep an eye out next month for another update of smart home news from the IoT world!

In the meantime, if managing your smart network is becoming a choir contact us, we’d love to help!

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