What is the Future of Smart Home Technology

Future of the Smart Home

What is the Future of Smart Home Technology

In the last five years, smart home technology has become commercially available to the public and sparked a home revolution. Smart home technology promises to automate your home while connecting it to the internet. Already there are dozens of devices on the market with new devices, updates, and ideas becoming available daily. 

Yet this only the beginning. As the industry grows, predicted to reach 53.45 billion by 2022, more technology will be developed, increasing your home’s level of automation and intelligence. Modern smart homes are only the leading edge of the home revolution. Here are predictions for how the technology of the future will become reality in your home.

Diversity in Devices

As the smart home industry expands the arsenal of technological firepower available to you will grow. Currently, the major manufacturers have a handful of products available each, not enough to fully furnish a house.

Currently, you can buy digital assistants, thermostats, locks, television, hubs, and there is a toilet just entering production. The next few years will see more utilities entering the market to ease home chores. These will include fridges, dishwashers, doors, and robotic aides like vacuum cleaners and delivery drones developed.

New smart home customers won’t be buying individual pieces. Full sets of automation will be available for sale by each brand name to ensure full integration. Companies like Axius will advise you on installation to maximize the benefits of smart technology. As the technology deepens its hold, you will increase your control over your house while the workload for maintaining your house decreases.

Device Integration

Smart home technology centers around connecting you to your home and your home with itself, then the internet. Device networking will be improved, increasing their communication with each other and you.

Smart home hubs are currently often misunderstood devices meant to facilitate the automation. As devices talk to each other more, that will change. The hub will grow in importance and sophistication as the floor general of your house.

Future smart home technology will focus less on the individual piece and more on the set. Hubs will be installed first, followed by a full array of technology connected to it. Everything down to the plumbing will network, with the hub using the information and giving commands to improve your experience.

At the same time, voice commands will improve in sophistication and audio detection. You’ll watch your futuristic home breath through a smartphone mobile display connected to the hub, and control all features including television, thermostats, lights, locks, and your children’s’ internet through voice commands. You’ll have total mastery of your home.

Artificial Intelligence Improvements

As AI research progresses your smart home will become… smarter. Individual devices will learn from your actions, such as the television knowing what channels you watch after breakfast and dinner, even turning on while you’re still cooking.

The home hub will learn to analyze and interpret all the incoming data to play your home like an orchestra, making the corrections you need. This will save you money on electricity, heating, and time spent performing chores and other tasks. You’ll be able to set cycles for vacuuming robots and other devices, so chores will become an easy matter.

Truly futuristic homes won’t react to your lifestyle, they’ll be intelligent enough to preempt it. Devices will pinpoint exactly what you need before you need it. Rooms will be vacuumed as you leave them. The hub will grow intelligent enough to take action, and you’ll come home to find the oven warmed up and your favorite show on.

Home Internet Networks

The internet is as much a technology of the future as it is the present, and soon it will reach your smart home in a personal way. Closed ethernet networks will be installed in homes very soon. This will create a private network exclusive to your family and smart home.

All your devices and computers will communicate with each other in real time, meaning that when you make an adjustment to your daily routine, all your devices will know and compensate.

This private network will also host a home security system network like none seen before. Facial recognition software will give you and your family access with just a touch on the lock.

While away on vacation, you can patch in and view your home remotely. If there’s an intrusion, you’ll be notified. Doors will lock themselves and the police will be called.

Security Risks

Consider the consequences of your computer being compromised by hackers; your ID will be stolen, data lost, and potentially your computer hijacked. Now imagine your home being hacked.

The consequences would be far more severe on all fronts and possibly include physical damage to your home. Future smart home technology will require hardened security systems and expert consultation to keep you and your home safe.

The next privacy crisis already looms. Major corporations have a record of tracking, storing, and selling our social media data for profit. The potential is there for them to mine your home for data based on how and when you use your smart tech, then sell that to advertising companies or think tanks.

While hackers can be fire-walled and eventually arrested, the corporate security breach is far more difficult to deal with and even in modern day hasn’t been punished.

Consumer Support

As smart homeowners grow more numerous, Axius’ role as a provider of top quality support will expand. As a wider variety of devices appear on the market, smart home planning will become an exact science.

Technical aspects of your home such as Ethernet threading and hub calibration will require experts on scene for you to achieve the best results for your home.

In addition to installation, homeowners will need repairs, technical aide, and security services managed. Axius works first as a home construction planner, helping you build futuristic homes from the ground up to be fully integrated with you.

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