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By 2020, the smart home market is anticipated to reach over $20 billion. Today’s homeowners and renters are contributing to the growth as they realize the value of connected home technology, in result making smart homes mainstream. In addition residents have come to appreciate builders and property managers that can address their needs and understand a Smart Home is more than just installing connected devices – but also delivering home automation that continuously provides value to their lives.

While there is an assumption that tech “should just work” the reality is that there are issues and maintenance that require ongoing attention – Business Wire reports 1 in 3 adults experience difficulties in setting up connected devices. The core problem in the current product ecosystem is the decentralization of networks and devices.


Persistent Reactive Troubleshooting Problems


Residents try to solve connectivity and complex setup problems via DIY troubleshooting day to day. However, this is increasingly time consuming and burdensome with multiple new devices and networks. When troubleshooting or maintaining devices, residents have to contact multiple customer service departments  at different companies for assistance. Low and behold, by the end of the day there is often no simple way for residents to identify the problem correctly and get the help they need to remedy it. This often results in making technology issues worse or abandoning smart home technology usage entirely.

In all cases, devices need to be monitored and managed to ensure a streamlined smart home experience. This becomes highly important as homeowners continue to add a magnitude of devices to their smart home and for builders as they oversee the implementation and support of these smart devices alongside of integrators.


The coming wave of smart devices will rely on technology that is ill-equipped to guarantee reliability, and will also introduce completely new ways for things to go wrong. So the companies that make them will need to put far more focus on security, usability, and privacy to earn both customer acceptance and trust.”

                                            – MIT Technology Review


Centralized Smart Home Management and Proactive Monitoring – the Key to Successful Smart Support


Although there are many decentralized problems in the smart home world today, a seamlessly integrated smart home can become reality through centralized smart home management. The concept of leveraging centralized smart home management is fairly new, but leveraging this streamlined method creates a frictionless, integrated experience akin to what residents and builders are used to and imagine when they set out to build a smart home. A single, specialized, point of contact across all of your connected home devices and network allows for this centralized management and end-to-end support. Utilizing a managed services provider employing proactive alerts and investing in technology to take proactive measures results in an even better resident experience as builders/integrators can address and troubleshoot a problem before residents encounter it. Centralized management also provides constant and consistent customer engagement via system updates and product/security recommendations that produces a high-quality customer relationship.


Scaling your business with smart home management


Builders, Integrators, and Property Managers reap the most benefits out of smart home management as they grow their business and scale operations. With proper management in place you can elevate the technology experience for your residents without the strain on your internal resources. For added value and differentiation in the market today, include it for your customers and your team, to give them the support and resources they need to have a great experience and maximize value from connected home technology. Inevitably, you will see your operating costs decrease and your revenue opportunities increase.




With a mission to help people unlock the ultimate benefit of their smart home, Axius was built by a team with core expertise in customer service and support technology including security specialists, smart home enthusiasts and builder market veterans. Axius brings the builder, property manager and integrator a solution that creates revenue, increases customer satisfaction and acquisition and ultimately grows adoption of smart home, while making the overall experience more enjoyable and beneficial to consumers. Axius is the trusted customer support resource for homeowners and renters, making sure every smart home device, no matter the brand, is safe, secure and functioning.  Learn more at

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